Mailvox: why doesn’t Mike Cernovich promote me?

Mike C asks a leading question:

  • How come Mike Cernovich always promotes himself?
  • You promote him.
  • But he never promotes you?
  • His ideal list of speakers include Milo, and others.
  • He says that he and Milo are the only ones on the right doing social properly.
  • He doesn’t let you share his platform, but you are always promoting him, and sharing your platform.

-Will surely be labeled a concern troll

Concern troll? I don’t suspect you of being a concern troll. I suspect you of being Mike Cernovich. But let’s assume, for the sake of argument, that the questioner is neither a self-promoting Mike Cernovich nor a concern troll. In answer to the questions:

  1. Mike Cernovich always promotes himself because he started from zero, with nothing but mindset, vision, and audacity. He has gone from nothing to one of the most influential political figures on social media through relentlessly effective self-promotion. And since Mike has not yet met his objective – which he reveals in his new bestseller, MAGA Mindset – he has to continue self-promoting. You don’t supplant the hoax media by putting on a bow tie, crossing your legs, and doing your most genteel imitation of George Will. You do it by making damn sure that no one is able to ignore you or pretend you don’t exist.
  2. It’s absolutely false to say Mike doesn’t promote me. I had to talk him out of putting my name on the cover of MAGA Mindset. Mike regularly mentions me, praises my editing of his book, wrote the introduction to Cuckservative, and links to this blog from both Twitter and Danger & Play. Of course, he can’t link to it from Twitter now without risking having his account locked, so he’s wise to avoid doing so.
  3. Milo is a better speaker than I am. So are a lot of people. I’m not offended that I’m not on his short list of ideal speakers, especially because I never give public speeches anywhere.
  4. He and Milo are doing social media properly. They have an order of magnitude more social media followers than I do. As Mike himself has told me, I don’t tweet enough. I’m sure he’s right, but a one-way, 140-character-limited medium is simply not my preferred one. I prefer the environment of a blog with comments, probably to my short-term detriment.
  5. Why would I want to share his platform? I haven’t even used my own Twitter account in weeks. Also, as the Lead Editor of Castalia House, I am his publisher. I have a responsibility to promote our authors, Mike included. As an author, he has no responsibility whatsoever to return the favor by promoting Castalia House… even though he has done us the very great favor of choosing to publish with us when he could have simply self-published again instead.

To put it plainly, Mike has done more for me than I have done for him. He is an utterly reliable ally, a trustworthy friend, and he has an important message that many people need to hear. I know they do, because I needed to hear it myself. I can tell you right now that without Mike Cernovich, Infogalactic would not exist.

So, I am entirely content to continue to promote him, and his excellent works, whether he happens to see fit to mention me again in the future or not. After all, what has Haruki Murakami ever done for me?