The Restoration of Ricky Vaughn

It will not be happening. Twitter has formally buried his account.

It’s strange, but no one who has participated in targeting me for abuse has ever had their account suspended, let alone deleted. This is why, if you’re on Twitter, it’s time to move over to Gab. Your days are numbered there anyhow. Consider the casualties:

  • Milo
  • Scott Adams
  • Instapundit
  • Vox Day
  • Ricky Vaughn

I guarantee you that every single one of those individuals were more sinned against than sinning. But that is the SJW tactic, to repeatedly hit you, then declare that you are not allowed to hit back. That’s not right.

Hit back. Join #TheDisconvergence. Sign up for Gab. Start using Infogalactic. Start using Brave. We’re going to foxnews these fuckers to oblivion, and you’re going to help us do it. There are tens of thousands of you who have read SJWs Always Lie, so you know what the stakes are. When I wrote about “taking down the Thought Police”, this is exactly what I anticipated.

If you’ve ever rolled your eyes about a biased entry on Wikipedia or censored yourself on Twitter or Facebook because you knew if you exposed what you really think you’d find yourself the subject of an SJW campaign, you’re one of us already. It’s time for all of us to take the offense for a change and let the thought police worry about us.

UPDATE: a skeptic is impressed by the team’s work so far, but is characteristically skeptical about our ability to keep it up. I think we’ll surprise him in the future, as we can certainly work more efficiently and effectively than we have to date.

As an observer of a number of tech startups, I’m impressed with how much he’s done to date with quite modest funding. My crude estimate is that he’s been operating at roughly ten times the normal projected effectiveness in coding and deployment…. I’ve looked closely at three proposals (and seen countless more) to replicate Wikipedia in some fashion that theoretically creates revenue. This is the best thought out, and the best executed to date. He’s spent about a tenth what the next best plan cost, and achieved results about 4 months faster. Technically I should rate that as better than ten times. I’m not sure how you wish me to spin that. Would you like me to lie and say he’s horrible in my judgement?

INFOGALACTIC NOTE: If you’ve requested an account already, please be patient. We want to get you approved and editing, but we’ve had to hold them up while we fix an astonishingly stupid “feature” that would automatically expose your real names. I know that people are skeptical that we can do what we’re planning to do; but trust me, you have no idea how inexplicably insane the tools we’re presently utilizing are. If they worked the way any competent team would have designed them, we’d be halfway into Phase Three already. To date we’ve spent far more time fixing the dysfunctional tools that are available than we have doing anything new, which is why we plan to entirely replace them with tools of our own design.

Seriously, I’ve never seen inside a project where so many obviously terrible decisions were made and baked into the cake. And I was brought in to help fix Age of Conan.