“You’ll be in jail”

And that’s why his idiot handlers should just stay out of the way and let Trump be Trump:

Clinton established herself as a superior bureaucrat Sunday night with more mature knowledge of foreign policy minutiae and a more intelligible way of communicating details about how laws are made. But Trump won on points in what has become the Year of the Outsider, playing to a national television audience that polls show are weary of Washington’s same-old same-old and eager for new blood.

He had Clinton playing defense for most of the 90-minute clash, saying she would be ‘in jail’ if he ran the Justice Department – a reference to her classified email scandal – and declaring that she had ‘tremendous hate in her heart’ when she branded ‘half’ his supporters as ‘deplorables.’

He even bested her on her recollection of her own tenure at the helm of the U.S. State Department.
Trump recalled that Clinton was secretary of state when President Barack Obama drew his now-infamous rhetorical ‘red line’ in Syria, ineffectively warning Bashar al-Assad not to use chemical weapons against insurgents and civilians.

Clinton insisted she had retired from the government by the time that happened. Not so: Obama dared Assad to cross his line in August 2012, six months before Clinton’s term ended.

As Milo put it on Gab: “Daddy is killing it”. If this builds momentum that Trump can carry through to the third debate, we’re going to see the Trumpslide.

Remember, as I’ve repeatedly pointed out, Trump doesn’t constantly push. He relaxes, coasts, and then pushes strongly again. There is nearly one month to go. He’s running against a criminal and he’s already ahead in some national polls. The final push hasn’t even begun.

Frank Lutz Focus Group: Who are you willing to vote for?

• Hillary: 8
• Trump: 9

• Hillary: 4
• Trump: 18