Front National: stop immigration!

Chute du nombre d’expulsions de clandestins : un signal catastrophique

While France is facing an unprecedented influx of migrants, we learned this morning that the number of illegal evictions fell 20% during the first six months of 2016, 2,000 fewer expulsions. While deportation cannot be the only response to illegal immigration, since we must first put all the possible means in place to stop the flow of arrivals upstream, this decline is still catastrophic. It will necessarily be heard by the smugglers and the mafias which carry migrants to France as a terrible signal of laxity, a call to come to France, with incalculable consequences.

The National Front demands the expulsion of all illegal immigrants unlawfully present in France, and the dismantling of mafia networks of illegal immigration. It will not skimp on the means to achieve this objective, which is the only acceptable one in a republic worthy of the name. This policy is effective if it is accompanied by a full and final restoration of our national borders and a clearly stated policy choice: stop immigration.

One can almost hear the tumbrils beginning to roll again in France.