EEK! the cuckservative squeaked

Docweasel needs to virtue-signal harder. I think there may have been a few Chileans near the Antarctic side of South America who didn’t hear him:

That image posted at the top of post isn’t what I’d call “Christian”- I’m the last one to be over-sensitive or pulling the race card, but that image is flat out racist.

No one who calls themselves Christian or bemoans the loss of Christian ethics has any business posting something like that, or else they have a thin grasp of exactly what Christianity is in the first place.

I only started reading this site regularly a few months ago when a link from somewhere else brought me here. If this is the tone I don’t guess this is the place for me.

Cucks are always liars. In 87 comments, he is, quite literally, the very first one to be oversensitive and to pull out the race card.

Docweasel is a good programmed little cuck who believes “thou shalt not criticize minorities or portray them in any unflattering manner” is the 11th Commandment. And he just knows that the avoidance of being called racist is the true Christian’s highest priority. He would call Jesus Christ himself racist for comparing Samaritans to dogs.

This definitely isn’t the place for you, Docweasel. The Hell on Earth that is being made is the place for you. You would do well to leave. You and your Churchian kind are not welcome here. Go signal your virtue somewhere else.

As I once wrote on Twitter, I don’t hate blacks, I just don’t expect them to be white. What I hate is white virtue-signalers. And more from Twitter:

Supreme Dark Lord ‏@voxday
It is becoming increasingly obvious that the god now worshipped by Churchians is Equality. To them, Jesus Christ is the way to Equality.

Ming the Merciless ‏@_Emperor_Ming_
It’s like the Left subverted the Church and turned it into a vehicle to advance their agenda, or something!

Supreme Dark Lord ‏@voxday
If only someone had warned Christians about false teachers infiltrating the Church in order to mislead them!

Consider the following train of logic:

  1. Christians are warned that false teachers would infiltrate the Church.
  2. What many Church leaders are teaching today is observably different from historical Christian teachings and contradicts the Bible itself.
  3. Who, then, are the false teachers?