SJWs: the larger game

A review of SJWAL by TBC Book Review:

Gamergate is a consumer revolt against progressivism, but many, perhaps most Gamergaters are quite progressive. You could say more or less the same thing about Counter-Jihad figures such as Tommy Robinson or Milo. To Vox Day, these are all potential or actual allies.

The fact is, most will heal themselves from progressivism in steps, the two major ones being:

  1. The progressivist revolt against various aspects or consequences of progressivism.
  2. Becoming a reactionary: as an aesthetic revolt against ugliness, out of virile pride, and through metaphysical conversion.


This is, without question, the most remarkable aspect of what Vox Day is doing, and of which SJWAL is just a component.

According to his theory, organizations not designed to resist social justice convergence will eventually undergo convergence, thus becoming incapable of performing their original function and creating market opportunities for competitors or new entrants.

This is the time to be ambitious.

Project Big Fork is proceeding apace, and on schedule, the occasional hiccup notwithstanding. The launch of version 1.0 and the public kickstarter to fund 2.0 is still expected to take place in September. However, we will likely have a new, and equally significant, announcement, in three weeks or so, that concerns another aspect of the socio-technological high ground. About which more anon, but feel free to speculate as you see fit.

We can’t fix or cure SJWs. Only God can do that. And while we can’t trust moderates or liberals in positions of leadership, we can certainly welcome them into our ranks if they are willing to follow our lead.

The challenge is to avoid mistaking the enthusiasm of the convert for the good sense of the individual who was wise enough to not be hoodwinked or misled in the first place. What worked for the Apostle Paul is very unlikely to work very well in any situation where there is no literal Road to Damascus encounter with the living Son of God.

For an example of what not to do, see the Republican Party and the neocons. Or, alternatively, the conservative movement and the conservative media.