Ted Cruz 2020

Even Apollo 1 had a better launch than Ted Cruz’s 2020 presidential campaign last night.

Texas Senator Ted Cruz was denied entry into billionaire GOP donor Sheldon Adleson’s suite following his speech at the Republican National Convention Wednesday night, Independent Journal Review has confirmed.

A former U.S. Senator inside the Adelson’s luxury box at the Quicken Loans arena told Independent Journal Review that Cruz approached the suite after he finished his speech that fell short of endorsing Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump.

Cruz was not welcome in the suite “because he’s a piece of sh*t,” the Senator said.

Cruz was stopped at the door because several attendees inside the suite were furious with his decision to not endorse Trump. An aide to Adelson then confirmed that Cruz was turned away. 

UPDATE: “Ted Cruz’s campaign chair Richard Black says that it’s doubtful he’d ever support Cruz again.”

UPDATE 2: Hear Ted Cruz attempting to rationalize his self-immolation on the national stage. Video at the link:

A delegate was upset that Ted Cruz didn’t honor his pledge and support Trump, telling Cruz that his word is his bond and that he should have honored his pledge.

Here’s how Cruz responded and it was awesome!

Cruz explained to the person why the pledge he made supporting the nominee was abrogated, pointing out that happened when Trump attacked his wife and his father and made this personal.

The delegate responded that this is politics and he needed to get over it.

But Cruz hit back hard, saying this is NOT politics and it’s not a game, that there is right and wrong and we must stand for what is right!

So noble! Of course, Cruz didn’t make this clear to the public at any time before standing at the podium, in fact, he didn’t even make it clear during his speech, which is why some of his foolish defenders are trying to claim that he did not, in fact, do what he obviously did. That’s what happens when you side with a snake.