Milo permanently banned from Twitter

After writing the review of Ghostbusters to which I linked the other day, Milo ended up getting into it on Twitter with actress Leslie Jones, who he eventually referred to as “a black dude”. It was funny, of course, because Miss Jones is a large, unattractive black woman who looks more manly than Michelle Obama.

After Leslie Jones – @lesdogg on Twitter – tried to hit back at him and other critics of the movie, she got piled on by the Alt Right and others; her cries of “racism, racism” were met, in the Alt Right’s usual wont, by pictures of bananas, gorillas, and other rhetorical memes, which caused Miss Jones to double down on crying victim.

So, Twitter perma-banned Milo on the grounds of “incitement to harassment”, even though Leslie Jones is the only individual who actually engaged in any incitement, as can be seen in this pair of tweets.

Leslie Jones ‏@Lesdoggg  Jul 18 Manhattan, NY
Exposing I hope y’all go after them like they going after me

Leslie JonesVerified account ‏@Lesdoggg  Jul 18 Manhattan, NY
bitch I want to tell you about your self but I’m gonna let everybody else do it I’m gonna retweet your hate!! Get her!!

Even the New York Times is on it, in its inimitably dishonest way. Twitter Bars Milo Yiannopoulos Over Torrent of Abusive Comments.

It appears the next task after Big Fork launches is an obvious one. No worries, it’s been part of the plan from the beginning.