73+ killed in Nice

There are reports of a “lorry” having been driven down the crowded promenade in Nice, France, and the word “dozens” was used in conjunction with the dead. (That sounded to me as if the broadcaster was confused about injuries, though.) It’s too soon to know what’s going on, if it was intentional or an out-of-control vehicle, or even if anyone was actually killed.

 People could be seen running in panic after a truck crashed into the crowd on Promenade des Anglais in Nice, France. Many people have been reportedly injured. There also have been unconfirmed reports of gunfire.

“There are people in blood, probably full of wounded,” a reporter for the Nice Matin newspaper said.

UPDATE: The broadcaster wasn’t confused. At least 30 people are reported dead.

UPDATE 2: Now it’s up to 50, with reports of gunfire and soldiers responding. It’s almost certainly a jihadist attack. The lorry was a medium-size semi.

Why do the people of the West continue to put up with this? At what point will they realize they are at war and the enemy is in their midst?

UPDATE 3: Official reports are now 6073+. Apparently the truck drove for 2-3 miles along the promenade before being stopped.

French President Francois Hollande must resign now. This is the second major jihadist attack on his watch. The man is clearly not up to the task.