Derb embraces the cuck

The globalist shaming, I hasten to add, not the feckless and misandrist anti-nationalism:

In a conversation with Gavin McInnes while waiting for a subway train, I learned a new word: “cuckmercial.” That’s one of those TV commercials — one of the many, many — in which a clueless doofus male is set right by a smart, confident woman.

Browsing the Twitter feed later, I see that this is now a hashtag.

I’ll admit I wasn’t crazy about the “cuck-” prefix when it got started, but I’m seeing the light. Let’s try to get it up to dictionary-inclusion level. So far we have cuckservatives and cuckmercials. What else can we cuck-shame?

Well, there have been TV sitcoms along the same lines as those cuckmercials, going back to at least The Dick van Dyke Show. Cuck-coms!

I spotted the word “Cuckstians” in some comment thread, referring to Christians whose faith leads them out into missionary endeavors among people — preferably African — who accept their aid packages and medicines while laughing at the missionaries’ naive idealism when their backs are turned. Fair enough, I suppose, but I doubt “Cuckstians” will catch on: too hard to pronounce.

How about Cuck Lit.? Vanity Fair comes to mind, and Gone With the Wind. The memory’s dim, but I think The Wife of Bath’s Tale gets in there, too. And recalling the plot of Seeing Calvin Coolidge in a Dream, I think I may have contributed to the Cuck Lit. genre myself.

However, I wouldn’t advise going into a bookstore (supposing you can find one nowadays) and asking for the Cuck Lit. section. They’d probably just send you to the cookery books.

This is why we don’t let Derb come up with the neologisms. Still, he’s right in thinking that Cuckstian will never catch on – not only is it hard to pronounce but it sounds too much like “cockstain” – and anyhow, there is already a term that covers cuckservative Christians, which is “Churchian”.

What usually causes a term to catch on is its effectiveness as rhetoric. Cuckmercial is good because it is rightly dismissive of both the subjects of the commercials and the commercials themselves. Cuckservative is even better, because it observably flays the soul of those to whom it applies. An offensive term is supposed to offend; one reason the Left is so alarmed by the #AltRight is because they have long intimidated conservatives by taking offense at inoffensive terms.

What are they going to do when faced with terms like “cuckservative” and “Churchian” and visual memes like the flag on the right? The contempt fairly drips off the rhetoric; it is very clear that any offense given is not incidental, but intended. This immediately puts the Left on the defense and leaves them unsettled, as they find it very frightening when their hisses of “racist” and “sexist” and “xenophobic” meet with indifference and derision.