Reviewers wanted

I’m looking for volunteers to review our next novel, which is of a rather more literary strain than most. Think W. Somerset Maugham meets an even more anti-PC Douglas Adams. It is a special novel, for more reasons than one, and that’s why I’m being particular about what sort of reviewers we are seeking. We want the book to be judged on its merits by those most competent to do so.

Please only volunteer if you’ve read at least two Maugham novels or collections of his short stories, you can hop right on it, you have an Amazon account, and you are willing and able to post a review. Please don’t volunteer if you primarily read SF/F, if you are one of those readers who has your own personal rating system and only give five stars to Shakespeare or deducts stars because you don’t like the cover or whatever. That’s fine and all, but it’s simply not relevant to Amazon reviews.

Thank you. I’ll delete this post when we have enough.


In addition to Maugham, those who have read and appreciate Nabokov and Waugh (or other similar authors) should also feel free to volunteer.