Forgive us our dry eyes

In case you’re wondering why the #AltRight doesn’t give a quantum of a damn about (((media figures))) crying about people being mean to them on the Internet, Mike Cernovich puts it in perspective.

Let’s look at the “harassment” issue rationally.

On the one hand, Jewish pundits have people troll them. Guess what, people troll me every day. If you don’t have a thick skin, don’t share your words and ideas with the world.

Meanwhile I have people call the police on me, report me to the State Bar, and lie about me to prevent me from giving mindset seminars. (They always fail and I always give my seminars, which happen worldwide to rave reviews.)

And as far as my friends go, I have it pretty easy.

Vox Day had to hire private security for our happy hour in Paris France, which was covered in Le Monde.

Milo Yiannopoulos had his talk at DePaul university shut down due to violence:

Milo Yiannopoulos’ event at DePaul University had to be cut short Tuesday night after protesters stormed the stage, blew whistles, grabbed the microphone out of the interviewer’s hand, and threatened to punch Yiannopoulos in the face.

Roosh had entire countries ban him from entry after the dishonest media claimed he was holding seminars on how to rape people.

Where was the outrage from the (((mainstream media)))? Where were the “free speech bloggers”?

To the surprise of no one who follows these issues, the people who virtue signal how appalled they are by “online harassment” were silent.

Mike doesn’t even realize that I’ve been dealing with online harassment from the very start. Back in 2001, I received over 100 death threats as a result of CAIR declaring me their email action item of the day in response to a pro-Israel column I wrote for WND. I didn’t cry about it, I didn’t call the FBI, I didn’t beg for mercy, and I didn’t back down.

I just let my editor know, in case any of it was directed his way, and made sure my weapons were freshly loaded and readily accessible. Everyone is going to die sooner or later, so aspire to die well and take as many of the bastards with you as you can, both personally and in reprisal.

It’s been 15 years and I still get “harassed” almost every day. But I don’t even notice it anymore, I just prepare accordingly for public events. Because Supreme Dark Lord. No protester will ever reach a stage on which I appear, as there are multiple layers of defense in depth and not all of them are apparent.

We live in the Valley of the Shadow of Death and we fear no evil, we hunt the fuckers in the Name of Christendom and the Risen Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth.