Milo condemns Muslim apologists

The Left chose Islam over gays, and one man is reminding everyone of that choice:

A lot of people laughed at Donald Trump when he suggested a temporary ban on Muslims entering the country. No doubt they thought he was further harming his chances in the general election.

No one is laughing now. What’s more, I expect many are quietly wondering if the “temporary” ban might have to be permanent. Western capitalist democracy gave women and gays equal footing in society; Islam has arrived to roll the clock back.

Only one presidential candidate is being honest about it, which is why, if you are gay, there’s really only one choice in this election. (It was Latino night at the gay club, incidentally — Hispanics may wish to consider that, too.)

We’ve also learned in the past few hours that the killer was already being watched by the FBI. This happened in Brussels, too. Both times, the security services dropped the ball. Something tells me that they’d be a lot more vigilant, and a lot less lenient to their surveillance targets, under a Trump administration.

It’s not just gay people under threat. Atheist satirists in the west now live in fear of being executed because they drew the wrong cartoon. Women face the terrifying prospect of being attacked at night for wearing a short skirt.

The barbaric cultures of Raqqa, Riyadh, and Kabul now prowl the streets of Cologne, Paris, and Orlando, Florida.

Atheists, previously wedded to the political left, have started to grow sick of the constant Islam apologia. Left-leaning atheists like talk show host Dave Rubin and cult YouTuber Carl Benjamin have realised that the right is a greater ally against this barbaric, dark-age ideology than the left ever will be.

Might have to be permanent? It will be permanent. There is no place for Islam in the West, just as there is no place for human sacrifice in the Christian Church. The former negates the latter, by essence and by definition.

With each and every Orlando, the West moves one step closer to Reconquista 2.0.