No more Star Citizen refunds

Derek Smart correctly anticipated Star Citizen’s new Terms of Service:

I have been making a lot of noise about the ToS and the fact that RSI/CIG are required to provide refunds and financial accountability to backers for failure to deliver the promised game, 18 months from the expiration Feb 2015 ToS v1.2. Those clauses triggered on May 31st, 2016.

I wrote about that extensively:

A lot of Shitizens said I was wrong, that I didn’t understand it, blah, blah, blah. Yet, with the latest 2.4 patch disaster hurriedly pushed to live (conveniently ahead of E3 which they recently backed out of attending), they have done precisely as I said they would.

They released a new ToS. And if your scam alarm bells aren’t going off already, well, you may be suffering from Sunk Cost Fallacy.

And it came to pass that the new June 2016 ToS has been released with the latest 2.4 “patch” going live. I am working on a blog post for it; but the highlights are:

– You can’t sue them – like ever
– Under no obligation to deliver anything – like ever. Oh and delivery date and clause removed
– No refunds – for any reason – like ever
– Can ban your account – for any reason – delete it, and not refund you

In the meantime, if you ever want legal recourse, do NOT download the 2.4 patch and do NOT do ANYTHING on their site and/or services in which you are required to agree to this new ToS.

That sounds like a company with tremendous faith in its own offerings, doesn’t it?