More Star Citizen shenanigans

Derek Smart has news about CIG’s unusual approach to customer support:

Here is what happened over the weekend.

A backer whale with over $40K “invested” in Star Citizen, discovered
that he was tagged (essentially Blacklisted) in the CIG customer service

In a hilariously inept (it’s CIG!) move, they didn’t realize that Zendesk tags are public facing.

If you had been tagged, you could find out by going to the support page
and opening a new support request. the dropdown should be there if you
have been tagged.

Some people were calling it a fake.

So others (including myself) went digging. What we found was rather startling to say the least.

Then one person confirmed it; as did several others less than an hour later.

Someone with a tag made a video of it because some Shitizens (abusive
& toxic anti-social Star Citizen fans) were claiming the whole thing
was fake.

In my case, they gave me a special tag. This is a dump direct from the
page via Javascript and JSON. From the main CS page, you could just go
to the page > View Source > search for “Greetings sourcecode

A forum thread “Publicly tagging customers in CIG CS?” that appeared on
the CIG website was not only closed, it was completely removed. capture:

Not only was CIG caught using customer information given to them, then
matching it against information (e.g. a Goon is a denizen of the SA
forums) they pulled elsewhere, but they were also using it to determine
the level of service and attention given to backers who have thus far
given them almost $115 million.

This just keeps getting crazier and crazier….