Mailvox: forgetting 2008

Nathan thinks the general election is already over:

The game hasn’t changed one bit. When the Gen Election hits Clinton will
know exactly the states where she has to win and she’ll secure them
pretty easily. The game is called Electoral Collage Math. She starts
with NY, CA, IL, NJ, MA and who bunch of others. My bet is that Trump
will find a way to convince himself that he SHOULD win NY and will spend
time there. Meanwhile, Clinton will camp out in places like Michigan,
Ohio, Virginia, NC, AZ, NV and WA.

The poor guy doesn’t get it. He was overmatched the minute he secured the nomination.

Nathan appears to have forgotten that Hillary Clinton was the candidate who failed to understand the rules of the Democratic nomination in formulating her strategy and named a wannabe lawyer with a poli-sci degree from Middlebury and no absolutely experience in the real world her top economic adviser.

Perhaps she’s learned from her past failures, but until we see some evidence, I wouldn’t put too much stock in the competence of the Hillary campaign, much less her overmatching anyone. Especially when one considers how much trouble she is having putting away an ancient Vermont socialist who isn’t even a Democrat, despite having the DNC, the superdelegates, and the media in her pocket. She is an exceptionally bad candidate who has never beaten anyone who didn’t take a fall.

The state-by-state demographics are the sole reason for concern, but as others have pointed out, the conventional electoral math no longer applies once whites unite behind a political identity. Will that happen soon enough to elect Donald Trump?

Therein lies the question.