The backfire

Republican establishment snobs, and those who lick their loafers, can’t seem to grasp that the more they sneer at Donald Trump, the stronger Trump’s support becomes:

If I hear one more of my conservative/libertarian “high IQ” colleagues (many of them long-time friends) denigrate Trump as stupid, racist, sexist or (I kid you not)  not “really” successful–I may puke.

One certainly may oppose Trump’s policies on a principled basis.  But to hear the right-of-center intelligentsia (who may be well-educated and perhaps even have high IQs, but are not necessarily intelligent) denigrate the presumptive GOP nominee–selected by We the People–using the same leftist tactics used to denigrate George W. Bush and many other conservative standard-bearers, is nauseating.

These “high IQ” members of the GOP intelligentsia simply cannot hide their disdain for ordinary Americans’ selection of a GOP nominee, yet they simultaneously claim that the GOP represents ordinary Americans’ values. The GOP intelligentsia is behaving like a delusional narcissist, reveling in its (false) superiority over the little people.

Actions have consequences. Faithlessness begets the loss of credibility. And the more those who urged dubious conservatives to swallow their doubts and dutifully line up behind George W. Bush, John McCain, and Mitt Romney bluster and posture about how they are going to support Hillary Clinton or Bill Kristol’s Israel First third party, the less anyone is going to listen to them.

I merely jest, of course. Bill Kristol’s third party isn’t going to be called Israel First. I understand Likud USA will the actual name.