A true account of the Milo riot

Mike Cernovich was there for Milo’s speech at Depaul University:

We predicted that 2016 would be the year of the shutdown. But, even I didn’t see this coming. And I was at the Chicago Trump rally that got shut down a few months ago.

So, to show my support, I decided to attend my friend Milo Yiannopoulos’ speaking event in Chicago. What I saw happen there was incredible; and I want to share every detail with you now.

The event was announced about a week prior to when it was to be held. R.S.V.P. was available online in order to secure your seat.

The event also required you sign a waiver. (For those of you that don’t know, this consent form has to do with the ‘triggly puff’ video that appeared from one of his previous rallies.)

My friend Bernard got me signed up. He told me that they would have your name and check you off a sheet when you entered the venue. He also told me that there were some planned protests against the event, but that the protest page stated that it was not intended to shut down the event.

I told him there was no way they would shut it down. Milo was no Trump; he’s not big enough of a target to shut down.

Boy, was I wrong.

Read it all there. It is both informative and substantive, from an eyewitness perspective. It’s also troubling to observe how neither the campus police nor the hired security did anything to interfere with the protesters.