“The statistics for black incarceration are about to go up.”

Milo is attacked by Black Lives Matter buffoons at DePaul:

DePaul University fell into chaos Tuesday night after liberal activists hijacked a College Republicans event that featured Milo Yiannopoulos as a speaker.

Yiannopoulos, a British writer for Breitbart News, has been visiting colleges across the U.S. on his “Dangerous Faggot Tour” (Yiannopoulos is a rather flamboyant homosexual). Yiannopoulos’ often-provocative rhetoric has provoked outrage at many of the campuses he has visited, and DePaul was no exception.

The event, held at a packed auditorium, began without incident. But just under 20 minutes in, as Yiannopoulos was ridiculing the idea of “microaggressions,” a group of Black Lives Matter demonstrators stormed the stage and derailed the entire event….

Finally, after about a half hour of chaos, Yiannopoulos said there was no prospect of the event being completed as planned, and he announced that he would instead individually greet each attendee outside. Protesters and Yiannopoulos backers continued to loudly argue at the center of the stage for several additional minutes before the auditorium finally cleared out.

The situation outside was no less chaotic, though, with many anti-Yiannopoulos protesters crowding the streets before and after the event. Sometimes the situation even grew mildly violent, with several witnesses likening it to a riot.

It’s probably just as well that I don’t do speaking engagements. I’d have a cohort of trained VFM for security and no one would be storming the stage without being incapacitated, zip-tied, hooded, and delivered to the campus police. Even at GGinParis, I arranged to have martial artists providing security and that wasn’t even an event at which we anticipated any protests or trouble.