DevGame starts tomorrow

The first session in the DevGame 2.0 course begins tomorrow at 12:30 Eastern. I’m concerned that I don’t have the emails for the two of you who paid at the White Bull site, so shoot me an email if you did and you haven’t received an invite yet.

Above is a screenshot from a game that one team of our DevGame 1.0 attendees has created; the game is very close to completion and the lead programmer and the lead artist will be making appearances to discuss how they applied what they learned to Elveteka, which is a remake of the classic Apple II game Karateka.

If you are a Brainstorm member or took the DevGame 1.0 course, you are welcome to attend. It’s not too late, so if you want to attend, you can either sign up for the course, or just shoot me an email with DEVGAME in the subject if you qualify for a free seat.

Don’t fret if you don’t receive the registration link right away. I’ll send another batch out tomorrow morning.