The eliminationist Left

The Washington Examiner discovers SJWs:

Is the American Right so wrong that the elites should use their power to exclude it from debate?

The Obama White House and Facebook both seem to think so, if recent stories are accurate.

Obama’s foreign policy team spun false stories about Iran to rally support for a nuclear deal and circumvent a debate on honest terms, according to a recent New York Times Magazine piece. The reason? Top Obama officials believed that “rational discourse” with its foreign-policy critics was impossible.

Facebook employees, meanwhile, “routinely suppressed news stories of interest to conservative readers from the social network’s influential ‘trending’ news section,” a former Facebooker told Gizmodo, a tech website….

This eliminationist tendency has been visible for years, including in
the works of the Left’s leading lights. If you have read liberal New
York Times blogger Paul Krugman with any regularity, you’re familiar
with the argument: The Right is fundamentally insane or dishonest or
both, and thus its arguments are unworthy of decent treatment or serious

This is entirely normal in SJW circles. Anything they deem evil, from racism to sexism to homophobia to dead-naming, does not merit any discussion or defense, it is simply beyond the pale and thereby justifies every form of personal attack.

They don’t even bother to hide it. Back in 2013, for all their public histrionics, not a single person from the SFWA dared to actually argue the case that racism was bad and merited punishment, because a) they consider that to be self-evident, and, b) they are incapable of actually making a coherent case for it.

Which is absolutely fine. They don’t argue with us, so we don’t argue with them. We don’t talk to them at all. We simply define them as utterly and irrevocably evil, take them out without hesitation, and show them no mercy when they suddenly decide that they want to debate, discuss things, and appeal to our principles.

Notice how the SJWs in science fiction demand conclusive proof that they are pedophiles and anti-religious bigots while never requiring any to declare others to be racist, sexist, homophobic, cis-gendered white supremacists. We don’t need any proof either. They associate with, and even celebrate, rapists and pedophiles and other human detritus, and that’s all we need to damn them for it.