A tale of two rhetorics

Some of the white nationalists on Twitter have been remarkably sensitive over my observation that #whitegenocide is ineffective rhetoric. To be fair, most of them haven’t read either me or Aristotle and quite clearly don’t understand the difference between dialectic and rhetoric.

But even someone who doesn’t should be able to grasp the fact that the term SJW has proven to be far more rhetorically effective than the “white genocide” meme, and it has done so in far less time.

That is what the empirical difference between effective rhetoric and ineffective rhetoric looks like. Interestingly enough, there are some indications that “cuckservative” may be similarly limited, but it is probably too soon to tell. However, the fact that “cuckservative” is already utilized half as often as “white genocide” despite being around for less than one year tends to indicate that it, too, is a more effective term.

Regardless, it is important to remember that clinging to suboptimal tactics is one of the most effective ways to ensure one fails to accomplish one’s strategic goals.