An actual conversation

Other Guy: I don’t really know anything about this Rabid Puppies thing. What’s up with that?

Vox Day: Oh, it’s just related to this science fiction award. Last year we took a bunch of nominations, so they made a big deal about it and vowed it would never happen again. Then this year, we took a few more.

OG: So that’s why they’re pissed.

VD: Yeah, pretty much. But also because we got things like “Space Raptor Butt Invasion” nominated.

OG: What?

VD: There’s this guy, Chuck Tingle, he’s a complete lunatic and he writes these crazy gay dinosaur erotica stories.

OG: Doesn’t he have a book about boyfriend who is a plane or something too?

VD: There’s one called “My Gay Billionaire Plane Boyfriend”, something like that, anyway.

OG: Yeah, I read it! It was pretty good.

VD: I’m a little alarmed to hear you’ve actually read that.

OG: Yeah, well, you’re the one who knows the guy’s name.

VD: Touche’.