NFL Draft 2016

The Vikings select Laquon Treadwell, WR:

COMPARES TO: Dez Bryant, Dallas
Cowboys – Treadwell shows a Bryant-like skillset with his size and
athleticism combination to be a mismatch against cornerbacks on the

IN OUR VIEW: Treadwell has exceptional ballskills and
catching radius with strong hands to pluck away from his body or scoop
off his shoelaces – if the throw is anywhere within a few feet of his
body, he’ll attack it. He isn’t a sudden athlete, but plays with
athletic twitch and power to be a threat after the catch.

Treadwell should fit in as a possession type of receiver alongside
Stefon Diggs. With improved route-running, though, Treadwell could turn
into a downfield threat, even without top-notch speed.

With Teddy
Bridgewater, the Vikings offense isn’t built around the deep ball.
Treadwell should be effective in the middle of the field and, perhaps
most importantly, in the red zone.

The analysts seem to like the pick, anyhow. We do need another possession receiver; burners are wasted given the limitations of Bridgewater’s arm. I’m a little suprised at Goff going number one, but if you have the chance to take a top QB prospect, you simply have to do so in today’s league.

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