Interview with a dark lord

Louise Mensch of Heat Street interviewed me about the Hugos, Donald Trump, the SJW List, and other matters:

Interview: The Rabid Puppies And Vox Day Bite the Hugo Awards

Tell me about the Hugo Awards. Are the Sad Puppies still sad?

The Sad Puppies are, to all intents and purposes, irrelevant. They have been replaced by the Rabid Puppies, mostly thanks to the egregiously obnoxious behavior of the SJWs in science fiction at the 2015 Hugo Awards ceremony. That converted most of the Sad Puppies to Rabid Puppies, which is why the Rabid Puppies accounted for 62 64 shortlist nominations of the 80 we recommended this year. The SF-SJWs said they were sending a message last year, and the message we heard was “bring more Puppies”. So we did.

You were nominated for Best Editor and SJWs Always Lie was nominated for Best Related Work. Congratulations!

Thank you so much. But the two nominations I’m most pleased about are Jerry Pournelle’s long-overdue Best Editor nomination for his There Will Be War series, and, of course, Chuck Tingle’s “Space Raptor Butt Invasion”. We’re taking diversity in science fiction to a whole new level there.

Read the whole thing at Heat Street.