Five for five

Donald Trump sealed the deal yesterday. What Republican voters are signaling is that they are done with this campaign. Donald Trump is the nominee and it doesn’t matter what shenanigans Cruz and the GOPe want to play. People want to support a winner, and Donald Trump has made it eminently clear that he is the only winner available.

If I were Cruz, I’d go to Trump right now and ask for what my endorsement is worth. Because after Indiana, it’s probably not worth anything. Trump is outperforming again, he already has a six-point lead there, and he’s going to absolutely murder Cruz in California. And the results make a mockery, once more, of the claims that Trump has a “ceiling” of support.

It’s over. Trump has won all of the contests he needed to win; had he been able to win Ohio, this would have been over the day he knocked out Rubio. And we should never listen again to any commentator who said a Trump nomination was impossible. It’s one thing to make an incorrect prediction, it’s another to be delusional about the political state of the nation.