Listen up, retards

  1. Stop talking about “ad hom” or “ad hominum” or “ad hominem attacks” unless you actually know what an “argumentum ad hominem” is.
  2. “Insult” and “ad hominem” are not synonyms.
  3. Never talk about someone committing a “logical fallacy” unless you can identify the specific logical fallacy being committed.

Seriously, you’re all just embarrassing yourselves. Just stop it. It doesn’t make you sound either smart or convincing to use words you clearly don’t understand. Even if I disagree with you and you’re attacking me, it’s painful to watch. I mean, count the errors in just this one tweet alone:

#NewYork4Cruz ﻦ † ‏@politicsiswar
Ad hominem attacks. The mark of a Marxist. Why does WND still have you on payroll?

I don’t have enough hands for the facepalms required.