The fence-sitter’s lament

Status 451 makes it clear that they are NOT on our side:

As many will now be aware, a certain person whose handle makes an unfortunate monogram has entered the LambdaConf controversy.  Like many on the SJ side of this long-running conflict, he appears to be making his living as a culture war profiteer, only by selling books rather than consulting services to monetize the tribal conflict he has stoked.  Now, just like some on the other side, he is compiling a targeting database of ideological enemies.

Lately the use of mobbing and ostracism tactics by SJ advocates has been a matter of much concern for me and for this blog. However, we must make it clear that our interest is in opposing these tactics and the mentality of total cultural war they arise from, rather than siding with the opposing tribe.  They’d be just as vicious if they had equivalent influence, as VD’s McCarthy-esque enemies list illustrates.

This is ridiculous. Criticism is not merely irrelevant, it renders the critic irrelevant, when it is not accurate.  I don’t fight the culture war because I am a “culture war profiteer” or because I expect anyone to agree with me, I fight it because the SJWs in science fiction and gaming were not content to leave me alone to write my books and columns, or design and develop my games, in peace.

These are ignorant words from someone who hasn’t been seriously targeted for discrediting and disemployment yet. And when she is, I expect she’ll come running and crying to those like me, who are willing to stand up and defend those who have been attacked for nothing more than their beliefs.

The SJW List isn’t about belief. It is about action. Every single person on that list belongs there, and is there for a sound and solid and documented reason.

Now, if Status 451 can recommend more effective tactics, I am entirely willing to listen. What I am not willing to do is give any credence or respect to someone who considers themselves above the fray, or believes that leading by example, or being the better person, will lead to anything but submission to the SJW Narrative.

But she is wrong. We have no desire to denounce her or even think about her at all. We don’t want moderates and fence-sitters and equivocators. Nor do we shoot at them. Unlike the SJWs, we ignore them. So let her run to her refuge. The only reason it will survive is because there are men and women who are willing to stand, take the heat, and take the battle to the other side.