Book of the Week

I’m pleased to be able to announce that Martin van Creveld’s Equality: The Impossible Quest is now available in audiobook.

Read by Jon Mollison, who also narrated A History of Strategy, the audiobook is 10 hours and 34 minutes of delving deep into the historical development of the concept of equality.

From the reviews: In his exploration of the
development of the idea of equality from antiquity to the present day,
Dr. van Creveld provides both an important analysis of one of the major
touch stones of modern thought and rhetoric, as well as some hard
lessons concerning the reality of attempts to impose utopia upon a world
“red in tooth and claw.” He leaves us with the warning:

certainly the equality of the kind Plato, Nabis, Caligula, Rousseau,
Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, Mao Tze Dong, Pol Pot, and not a few present-day
proponents of political correctness and diversity have envisaged, is a
dream. When we keep in mind the costs that dream demands, the
contradictions to which it inevitably leads, and the horrendous amounts
of blood that are often shed in its name, we would be wise to ensure
that the quest for it does not become a nightmare.”