Does Ben Shapiro belong on the SJW list?

The readers at Instapundit are divided on the subject:

Ben Shapiro? You doing Vox Day’s dirty work now Glenn? What’s next? Going after Nick Searcy for his kid? Join in with him saying Sarah Hoyt’s not an American?

As the link on SJWList documents, Ben Shapiro has publicly stated that “racists” should be hunted down and hounded from their places of employment. Targeting people for unemployment because you disagree with their views? Sounds like a SJW to me.

Richard McEnroe
Ben walked through a crowd of screaming, cursing antisemites to confront them at CSUNLA. What have you done lately?

What I haven’t done is publicly advocate for a SJW witch hunt against my philosophical and/or political opponents. Which is why he’s on the list and I’m not.

“Why am I on the list?

You were added to the list because you publicly called for someone to be fired, disinvited, shunned, no-platformed, or otherwise punished or silenced for refusing to submit to the SJW Narrative. The particular incident is linked to your name in the list.

There are three criteria for inclusion on The Complete List of SJW:

  • Self-identifying as a Social Justice Warrior
  • Publicly advocating the disemployment or no-platforming of an individual for failing to submit to the SJW Narrative
  • Being a journalist and publishing articles that support the SJW Narrative or an SJW attack campaign. “

Ben is saying people should be anathema for their views. Does he extend that to socialists or just racists? Socialists murdered 100,000,000 or more during the 20th century — shouldn’t being a socialist be as obscene as being a racist?

I have to admit, I don’t think of Ben Shapiro as an SJW, I think of him as a cuckservative. The two are entirely distinct specimens. However, given that Shapiro has publicly endorsed the most SJW of tactics for one of the five primary SJW ideals, I think his presence on the list is absolutely justified unless and until he publicly recants his support for hunting down racists, punishing them for their opinions, and excluding them from employment.

After all, the purpose of the SJW List is to inform prospective employers who will be a good little SJW and support the organization’s purpose of seeking the highest abstract standard of social justice, and I think it is clear that Ben Shapiro would make an absolutely ideal employee for any converged organization.

That is intrinsically anti-American and anti-Constitutional activity. Regardless of what you think of racists, they have the same right to work and to enjoy free association that you do. One of the reasons SJWism is not merely totalitarian, but will inevitably lead to violence is that they stupidly insist on backing their opponents into a corner from which they must either fight or submit.

Since many, if not most people will never submit to the SJW Narrative or to SJW authority, they thereby seek the very violence they claim to decry and oppose. And if they were more capable of dialectic or had longer time preferences, we might even believe they do so on purpose.