SJWs are already crying wolf

As I mentioned in SJWs Always Lie: Taking Down the Thought Police, SJWs are all offense, no defense. They can’t take ANY heat, or even the simple, factual documentation of their public statements and actions:

I work in a datacenter and we have just received an abuse complaint (at 1:30 in the morning) from Tim Chevalier regarding the website – a site hosted by one of our clients – claiming it, “Incites harassment and violence against individuals.”

He’s asking us to “take appropriate action according to our acceptable use policy” meaning take it down, which, knowing our client, probably won’t happen. But anyway… the abuse emails are submitted to every person on our team, so I can’t just ignore it and have it go away, but I’d just like to let it be known that this type of backlash is occurring. They are trying to use GG’s tactics against it.

This is who submitted the abuse report to us. He works at Google, apparently.

This sort of counterattack is precisely why I told everyone to keep things absolutely factual and very tightly and narrowly defined on the SJW list site. If you are stupid enough to justify or rationalize the inclusion of anyone whose presence on the list is even remotely questionable, it’s going to be portrayed as incitement or harassment or rape or something equally false.

So, do not explain, justify, rationalize or add anything that involves the words “since” or “because”. Stick to the cold, hard, and objectively verifiable facts that do not require any context or agreement with your opinion.

And clearly, someone needs to add Tim Chevalier to the list for his deceitful attempt to have the site taken down by filing a false report of inciting harassment and violence.

In the meantime, the front page is locked down and a number of admins have been appointed, so there won’t be much trouble handling the griefers. You can still create new pages for individual SJWs and admins will add them to the list on the front page once they’re created.