Diversity is educational

A freshman at the University of Texas receives a Very Important Lesson in diversity:

University of Texas freshman Haruka Weiser wrapped up a class at the drama building about 9:30 p.m. She called a friend to say she was on her way, according to an Austin police affidavit.

She never made it.

The remains of Weiser, a first-year theater and dance major, were found about 10:30 a.m. Tuesday in a creek near the Etter-Harbin Alumni Center, on the university campus in Austin, not far from the school’s football stadium, officials said. An autopsy noted trauma to the body and the death was termed a homicide.

Investigators “don’t have a clue what the motive” was for the homicide, Acevedo said….

Not a clue. No idea at all. Who could possibly figure out what might have led to the first murder on the UT campus since 1966? I guess we’ll never know.

Say what you will about diversity on campus, but you cannot deny that it is educational.