A Jewish case for white nationalism

Mytheos Holt explains why Donald Trump appeals to so many dispossessed and disadvantaged whites, as well as why white nationalism is on the rise:

This brings me to the first and, arguably, the most important lesson
that Sylvia taught me about what drives people into the arms of white
nationalism: that urge comes not from economic dispossession, nor
spiritual dispossession, but cultural dispossession.

No, I don’t mean the sort of “where has my country gone”
ignorance that I and my fellow coastal cosmopolitans like to mock over
cocktails. I mean the sorts of people who are attracted to white
nationalism are people whose own communities have been hollowed out by
economic and cultural forces beyond their control, and who are now
adrift in a society they perceive to be universally hostile to their
heritage for no good reason.

That heritage, as white nationalists in America see it, is the
heritage of Western civilization. If you wonder what that means (which
is reasonable), let me spell it out: It means historically Western
European cultural norms. Specifically, norms like respect for agents of
the law, aspirational pride in work, willingness to accept the
consequences of one’s actions, disdain for laziness and welfarism, and
reproductive responsibility (i.e., not having children you can’t afford
to keep).

They respect these norms not merely because these are what their own
communities follow, but also because they think these norms make
constitutional government, liberty, and classical republicanism
possible. If you have to pick between the two, defend the norms every
day, since temporary cessations of liberty will naturally recover if
they’re still in place, whereas the institutions without the norms will
become meaningless: the Constitution will become a pointless scrap of
paper to which people pay only lip service, and constitutional
government will become bureaucracy hiding behind the fig leaf of a
separation of powers.

Where this otherwise perfectly respectable, conservative pride
in Western culture atrophies into white nationalism when the person
holding it comes to believe that respect for liberal Western
civilization is inextricably tied to one’s race. One particularly
irreverent white nationalist YouTube songster sums this attitude up in a video mocking libertarians: “It’s not that freedom is bad/But only whites think it’s rad.”

Moreover, and this cannot be stated enough: these people genuinely
believe that to be proud of the history of Western European
accomplishment, and one’s own descent from the people responsible, is
taboo in modern America. If you look at what cultural studies
departments, much of modern media, left-wing college students, and the
crazy wing of the Democratic Party says, this is probably at least
partially accurate. Unfortunately, however, it’s not just leftists who
are responsible for the rise of white nationalism in communities like
Sylvia’s. We conservatives bear some blame too, though in this case,
largely because of misunderstandings of how our own behavior is

It’s a fairly honest assessment, although I would say that it is not a misunderstanding of how conservative behavior is perceived, but rather a straightforward failure of conservatism to defend or conserve Western civilization. Conservatism is not, as Red Eagle and I chronicled in Cuckservative: How “Conservatives” Betrayed America, a set of principles or a coherent ideology. It is an attitude, and more, it is an attitude that is intrinsically incapable of holding its ground against the forces that assail both Western civilization and the various white nations that built and value it.

Now, I am not a white nationalist for the obvious reason that I am a red nationalist. Also, and more importantly, there is no white nation; only in America can anyone even contemplate the concept. When one lives in Europe, it is considerably more clear that the English nation is not the German nation is not the Dutch nation is not the Italian nation.

However, just as the Jews who historically considered themselves German discovered that it didn’t matter what they considered themselves to be, many Americans of various European descents are learning that in the eyes of those who hate and envy them, they are nothing more than “white”. And, as Holt observes, it should be no surprise that they are beginning to band together and respond to the tribalist attacks on them with a tribalism of their own.

But whether it is intellectually coherent or not, white nationalism is entirely Constitutional. Freedom of Association is an unalienable and Constitutional right. Diversity, imposed and involuntary, is intrinsically anti-Constitutional, anti-American, anti-human rights, and anti-Western Civilization.

Perhaps it takes a Jew to understand that if white nationalism is immoral, so is Jewish nationalism and the State of Israel.