Mailvox: idiocratic rule

A reader learns that the idiocracy extends to the highest levels of government:

I thought you would enjoy this, given your recent post on our current state of idiocracy.  The following is an outline of actual remarks to be delivered by an actual high-level USG official, redacted to protect identity. 

Draft Remarks
[High-Level USG Official] Participation in the [EVENT REDACTED]

•    First of all, wow.  Just, wow. 

•    As [High Level USG] for the last five years, I have had the chance to travel far and wide across the Americas.  I have crossed borders between many countries, and have had the chance to see firsthand the professionalism, the challenges, and sometimes the difficulty of national relationships.  And one of the best ways you can determine the relationship between two countries is to look at how it structures, manages, or doesn’t, its shared border.

Wow, just wow, indeed. How far is the West fallen from the days of diplomats such as Talleyrand, Goethe and Don Giovanni de Medici.