Hope for Holland

Geert Wilders Verified account ‏@geertwilderspvv
If I become Dutch Prime Minister next year I’ll crush Islamic terrorism, close our national borders and De-Islamize The Netherlands.

That sound you heard is the Overton Window moving. And that is the word for 2016 right there: De-Islamification. In the European context, it will be known as Reconquista 2.0. It will be interesting to see if we see Donald Trump begin using it.

UPDATE: two more bombs flash grenades go off in Brussels during police raid:

Armed police shot a terror suspect at a Brussels tram station as they launched fresh raids in the Belgian capital in the wake of the suicide attacks on Tuesday. Two explosion were heard at the start of the operation in the neighbourhood of Schaerbeek, north Brussels, after which local media reported that one man had been ‘neutralised’. Today’s raid in Brussels was linked to the arrest of ‘ISIS recruiter’ Reda Kriket, in a Paris suburb on Thursday. Kriket, a 34-year-old Frenchman, had been in the ‘advances stages’ of planning an attack in France prior to his arrest, and was found with heavy weapons and explosives in his apartment.