Let me explain how this Internet thing works

Bryan Thomas Schmidt doesn’t seem to realize that it’s a very bad idea to say one thing in public and another in private.

He posted this on Facebook yesterday:

“So apparently the abominable Vox Day put me on his Hugo list this year. First I heard if it. I have paid NO attention this year to lists, etc. I would demand removal but he clearly cares not what people think and states flat out he will not entertain removal requests. I “No Awarded” him last year and would again. I do not approve of this and see it as his attempt to do me further harm. Just going to ignore.”

Just a few hours before emailing me this:

don’t have eligible works of any note this year for Long Form Editor. FYI. Would appreciate being left off the list.


Now, I find it mildly amusing that Bryan Thomas Schmidt thinks I care enough about him to attempt to do him any harm, especially because he has managed to destroy his credibility more thoroughly than I could have if I tried. But as we are reliably informed that he has no eligible works of any note, I have replaced him in the Best Editor, Long Form category with Jim Minz of Baen Books. I trust he will be suitably grateful for my kindness.

I respect confidences, I abide by NDAs, and I keep the secrets I am told, but I do not provide cover for liars.