Well done, Dread Ilk

Mike Cernovich provides an analysis of his Kickstarter’s exceptional performance:

Traffic sources to Silenced:

  • Twitter – 57%
  • Direct via D&P – 24%
  • Vox Day – 5%

Kickstarter traffic twitter.25 PM

As you can see, having a large website and social media is important.
This is sort of a duh point, but seeing data put everything into
context. It also helps to have friends who help you. This is also duh,
although you guys wouldn’t believe how people try using me every day
while offering me nothing.

I have no doubt that more than a few Ilk found their way to the Kickstarter by way of Twitter and Danger & Play, mostly because I initially went there via Twitter myself. But no matter how you got there, I’m very pleased to see how many of you have been willing to support the man who has become one of my closest social media allies.

It’s that combination of selflessness and enthusiasm that sets the Dread Ilk apart; I can’t tell you how many public figures, some of them names much better known than mine, ask me how I do it and why I have such phenomenal “followers”.

To which my response is always the same. I don’t do anything. The Dread Ilk do. I don’t have followers. I’m not a leader. I don’t lead anyone anywhere. I simply go and people decide to accompany me or not. One of the primary problems that those who consider themselves leaders have is that they delude themselves into thinking that they somehow control their supporters and followers. But they don’t, not even when they police them with fear and violence.

I never take anyone’s support for granted, not Mike’s and not yours. All of us are free and independent individuals. All of us have our own agendas, our own interests, and our own free will. And that is why I am so appreciative of the fact that many of you are willing to walk alongside me.

Except, of course, for the VFM. Them, we have to keep chained, leashed, and kenneled, lest they inadvertently lay waste to the countryside. I may be the Supreme Dark Lord, but I’m not irresponsible.