The rise of Channel Alt Right

First, the Kickstarter for Silenced is winding down. You only have four more hours to back it. Back Silenced here. I did. And I suspect that you’re going to want to be able to say you did too.

Second,  Mike Cernovich explains why the media is losing its undeclared, but vicious war on the Alt Right:

Why has the mainstream media and especially conservative pundits
projected their rage onto Donald Trump and his supporters? Pundits are
fighting hard because there’s a war going on. No one saw this war. Well,
almost no one…

This election has been about more than Trump.
This is a war over the future of the media.

Pundits are poor in money and rich and status. Most of them live off
of sugar daddies to pay their bills, and money does not drive pundits.

Pundits are status obsessed. Being seen as the right kind of person
is their only goal in life. They live and die on shame…the feeling that
they do or do not belong to the proper social class.

Supposed journalists and pundits have accumulated considerable social
status and power. With the power of an article, journalists have forced
the most powerful politicians and richest chief executives to quit
their jobs.

One does not lose power without a fight.

Third, on the basis of the new polls that show Trump +52 in New York, +12 in Arizona, and +16 in California (the latter is less credible since Rubio is included, but he’s only got 10 points), it is safe to conclude that Donald Trump has effectively won the Republican nomination.

He’s still got to close it out, but at this point, it would be a major surprise if he didn’t. He’s clearly increasing his lead over Cruz at this point.

UPDATE: Holy cats, nice work, everyone. It was at 58K when I last noticed. It finished with 838 backers pledging $71,060 to bring SILENCED to life. Well done.

I’ve spoken to Mike about this, and I don’t think he’d mind me telling you that the seeds being planted here are going to result in a lot more than just a single documentary film. The man has a vision and it is one worth supporting.