Making Reddit Great tomorrow

I’ll be stopping by The Donald subreddit for an Ask Me Anything session tomorrow:

Vox Day, Trump supporter and author of Cuckservative: How “Conservatives” Betrayed America will be doing an AMA TOMORROW 3/17 @ 2:30PM ESTt

Many of you are already familiar with Vox as he is a major figure in the “alt-right” movement, as it is sometimes called, and a pro-nationalist. He’s an American currently living in Europe and he is insightful and well-versed in numerous topics, including (but not limited to): politics, economics, immigration/refugee crisis, gamergate, and publishing.

Some more info about Vox. He is:

  • A professional game designer who teaches the DEVGAME online game development course
  • A former nationally syndicated columnist for Universal Press Syndicate and WorldNet Daily
  • Creator of a personal blog with 2.2 million monthly views
  • Creator of one of the top game theory/men’s issues blogs on the web
  • The top critic of SJWism in the Science Fiction/Fantasy community
  • The best-selling political philosopher on Amazon
  • According to one Hugo award-winning author, “the Donald Trump of Science Fiction”

I hope you’ll show up as well. It is a moral imperative that we top Milo’s performance of 1637 comments, 1791 points, 68% upvoted, because you know it would drive him crazy and inspire him to new heights of fabulosity.