Fear of a Dread Ilk planet

I thought the VFM, in particular, would enjoy this Twitter exchange:

Roosh ‏@rooshv
Breitbart has a traitor on their staff who is feeding secret company information to the competitor.

big snout ‏@davisiain
i called it right the otherday by tweeting cuckbart at them. milo needs to run their counter intel.

Leana Braun
‏he could always borrow @voxday shitlord army. Effective and ruthless.

Just to be clear, in GG-speak “shitlord” is a term of art. It’s one step above “edgelord” and several above “troll”.

I’m not surprised that Breitbart has SJW entryists burrowing inside the organization, though. Every anti-SJW organization and institution that isn’t actively on guard against them does.

Meanwhile, I’m not sure how conclusively this debunks the Michelle Fields’s claim to have been ritually sacrificed to Satan on the stage at a Trump rally; I leave it to the viewer to decide.