Yeah, it pretty much is

Florio trolls the NFL world in search of clicks:

No, this isn’t click bait or trolling or whatever other term the cool kids have come up with. It’s a legitimate question given the current state of the Denver roster.

Should they bring back Tim Tebow?

Manning finished the year averaging 6.8 yards per pass and throwing nine touchdown passes against 17 interceptions, with a passer rating of 67.9. In 2011, Tebow averaged 6.4 yards per pass, threw 12 touchdown passes against six interceptions, and had a passer rating of 72.9. He also added 660 rushing yards and six touchdowns; that’s 666 more rushing yards that Manning (minus-6) had this year.

No, it’s not a legitimate question. There is no way that is happening. Tebow did nothing with the three other opportunities afforded to him post-Denver, and hasn’t played in two years. I refuse to even dignify the absurdity with a link.

Elway got rid of Tebow because Tebow’s inability to throw the ball caused the Hall of Fame rifleman genuine psychological pain every time he watched his offense take the field. And while I was genuinely pleased to see Tebow’s unexpected success, particularly in the games against the Jets and Steelers, I can’t blame Elway at all.