Even the half-Swedes are scared

Paul Joseph Watson receives a letter from Sweden:

I am a 16 year old half Swedish, half Turkish girl living in the municipality that has taken in the most refugees in whole of Sweden. I believe in no god, have never adopted any of the muslim values forced on children during my time in Turkey nor have I opened my heart to all the lovable rapists that Sweden imports daily. I also don’t blame each failure throughout my short span of life on the evil patriarchy as so many of my self proclaimed feminist piers do. So as you can probably see, I have been the only sane person in the three societies I have lived in (U.K, Sweden and Turkey), and never truly fit in in neither of them. I’m glad I don’t.

While living in Turkey I experienced real sexism, real racism (against Kurds mainly, but also myself for refusing to start my school day with a vow claiming that the “Turk is righteous, the Turk is proud”) and real inequality taught as normal. I know what it is, but I’ve just been too blind to see it.

Since I’m currently living in Sweden, I wanted to tell you about just how fucked up it is. This month I had a revelation, mostly thanks to your videos and my CIS gendered white male father (GASP) who shares opinions with you quite frequently as I have noticed.

Up till this date I was the model Swedish girl. Only last year I went to a `Refugees Welcome` rally in my nearest town, and accused everyone who thought letting refugees in would have consequences as nazis. I was blind, deluded and let the thought of love and false equality drive me to a state of false acceptance/tolerance. If I were eligible to vote, I would have voted for Fi! (Feministic Initiative). Exactly as the Swedish media wants me to.

I think my highly racist, misogynistic thoughts appeared first when several women where raped in Kalmar, where I go to school. I’m sure you have heard of it already. While us Swedes should be sticking up to the women who were TOO AFRAID TO TELL THE POLICE THEIR RAPISTS WERE MIGRANTS, we have instead embraced all the innocent refugees who didn’t commit a crime. Instead of standing beside the women that were raped, we stood with the migrants who did nothing at all. Or they might have raped, there is no way to show. The day after, the newspapers were bombarded by young female journalists making this a problem of feminism and not culture. The cultural marxism was dripping off each word I read, whereas this young, Swedish girl just like myself was writing that we need to educate half of the human population to not rape. That she was just as likely to get raped by a Swede as by a muslim migrant (who has never faced consequences for rape where he comes from).

I was so scared, you know. Because if I were to publicly talk about the rapes, and if I were to notice the fact that the rapists were migrants and that we can possibly not turn a blind eye to that women face this kind of abuse DAILY in the rapists’ country of origin, I’d be shunned. To just as little as to notice this is what I identify as real, necessary feminism. But when I opened up to this with a close friend, it turned out to be the last time I ever even got to talk to her. Because she is the perfect Swedish girl too.

What I have realised is that we Swedes have become so ridiculously coward, overly sensitive and politically correct that there is no freedom of speech left. Whatsoever.

There are several interesting things to note there. First, even those most inclined to swallow the bullshit can’t do it anymore. They’ve reached the earliest possible breaking point, which is when everyone ceases to believe, but doesn’t realize that everyone else is just pretending.

Second, she’s still clinging to “real, necessary feminism” even though she’s figured out that the feminism she’d been taught was nonsense. This is why you NEVER permit converts or immigrants in positions of leadership. Despite their fervor, they do not truly get it. If allowed to lead, they will immediately steer the ship onto the shoals of moderatism.

Third, note that as a half-breed, she is aware she doesn’t genuinely fit into either nation. This is what the Proposition Nation people can’t seem to grasp. Nation is family is blood. Genetics are far more complicated than we understand, they are far more significant than most of us are willing to admit, and they are ignored at everyone’s peril.