The price of truth

Rollo explains the price:

One tenet of that build-a-positive-fantasy-life mental model is the clichéd notion that you should surround yourself with winners and blow off the losers in your life. It’s a simple aphorism that rolls off the tongue easy; associate with winners and that winning will rub off on you. What they don’t tell you to do is how to cut out the unhappy and unlucky persons in your life who also happen to be your oldest friends or closest family members.

This is one of those painful truths that will set you free, but still stings like a bitch.

But eliminate them, or marginalize them you must. Most guys know this, or they come to know it as the first thing once they unplug. There’s a cost to Red Pill awareness.

That being said, the cost isn’t quite as great as most people fear. While it’s true that neither liars nor those comfortable being deceived like being around those determined to seek the truth, the fact is that it’s really not very enjoyable being around either sort.

The liars constantly engage in preemptive attacks to discredit you so that they’ll take less damage in the event you call them out for their incessant shenanigans, and the deceived react angrily every time you say anything that might threaten their cherished illusions.

For most men, finally walking away comes as a great relief.