Can confirm

“If you say “Vox Day” three times, he might appear in a malignant cloud of brimstone and a thundering bassline of techno.”

All right, so it’s more House than Techno, but this was always my favorite mix of “Silicon Jesus”. Unless you’ve got the CD single or came across it in a club, it’s unlikely you’ve heard it before. Called “House of Jesus”, Paul did it, although he threw in the little keyboard riff that Dan borrowed from 2Unlimited.

The one thing marring it was the bizarre two-second”XXHHHRRRHH-XXXHHRRR-RRRHH” that somehow got added in the mastering process at 4:35. I still have no idea how that happened, but Wax Trax! was in too much of a rush to get the CD out to fix it. And granted, a two-second flaw deep into the 5th remix of their new band’s first single just wasn’t a major priority to them. The Duality mix was the studio mix that they were pushing on vinyl. Frankly, I thought it was too disjointed and that most of our mixes were better.

Anyhow, one thing I always thought we did very well was to do entirely different remixes, to the point that some of our fans genuinely thought that the “Welcome to My Mind” CD single was a new album.