A few good apples

Even the police are sickened by what “law enforcement” has become. M-Zed shares an email he received recently from a policeman.

You’ve mentioned cops shooting dogs, and there are a lot of videos about it. My department’s response team has specific instructions about that.

It is likely for a dog to be a threat, especially on a drug raid. They like keeping pit bulls and others, sometimes several of them, to use against cops as both attackers, alarms, and decoys.

If there’s a dog on those raids, our guys will shoot it on sight, because it might be violent, and will probably get in the way.

Even if it’s not a violent encounter, dogs don’t comprehend what people are doing, or instructions, and get in the way or turn defensive.

The lead officer also said basically that dogs are legally property, and it’s better to shoot a dog than a person. If you shoot the dog right off the bat, it makes it clear you’re willing to use force, and will have to less often. You create a psychological position of strength.

I don’t know what to suggest other than to not have a dog, and be very compliant in any encounter with law enforcement. As they said at the Academy, “If you want people to always be happy to see you, be a firefighter.”

Most guys here like intimidation, and like the master/serf relationship.They joke about the women they make cry and the men who get very meek. Especially vets. If they can intimidate a guy with a USMC plate, it’s like Christmas.

I haven’t shot a dog and won’t unless I have to because the dog attacks me and I can’t beat it off with a baton.

I used to love this job. Now, I’m looking forward to retirement and doing something else.

The US police are increasingly made up of cowards and bullies who don’t have the brains or the steel to succeed in the military. They love dressing up like soldiers and pretending they are soldiers, but they turn into the biggest cowards in the world the moment that a dog barks at them. There is a reason that historical wargames assign to police units the lowest level of morale.

They hide behind their badges and strut and swagger, but their true nature is revealed the moment that anyone dares to shoot back at them. Then, they’re suddenly aware of the fact that they are completely outnumbered and their very existence depends upon the goodwill of the public they despise.

The thing is, most of them know they are inferior. That’s why they get off on trying to humiliate and lord it over their betters. Self-appointed defense attorneys for the police always like to claim that police crimes are only committed by “a few bad apples”, but it increasingly sounds as if the problem is now inherent to the occupation, and that there are fewer and fewer “good apples” these days.

As for dogs, police should never shoot them except in the case of extreme emergency. They cannot reasonably claim they are in fear for their lives. And if they are going to claim the license to shoot the public’s dogs at will, the public should have the legal right to freely kill police dogs whenever they encounter them without penalty.

Just to create a psychological position of strength, you understand.