Immigration is invasion

As Martin van Creveld observed, immigration is war.

A crowd of migrants has burst through a barbed-wire fence on the Macedonia-Greece border using a steel pole as a battering ram.

TV footage showed migrants pushing against the fence at Idomeni, ripping away barbed wire, as Macedonian police let off tear gas to force them away.

A section of fence was smashed open with the battering ram. It is not clear how many migrants got through. Many of those trying to reach northern Europe are Syrian and Iraqi refugees.

They are resorting to violence in order to force their way past the borders. How is that not war? And why is the West refusing to defend its borders with its very expensive militaries?

If the USA is not going to defend its borders anyhow, then let’s simply shut down the military, lay off all the soldiers, stop buying tanks and planes and bombs, and cut everyone’s taxes by 20 percent.