Clinton ends Sanders in SC

The South simply doesn’t go in for socialists. And blacks really don’t like the creaky old man:

She has won South Carolina by a wide margin, most likely exceeding Mr. Obama’s own 29-point victory in 2008, based on early exit polls and results. She did it the same way that Mr. Obama did: with overwhelming support from black voters, who favored Mrs. Clinton over Bernie Sanders by a stunning margin of 87 to 13, according to updated exit polls — a tally that would be larger than Mr. Obama’s victory among black voters eight years earlier. They represented 62 percent of the electorate, according to exit polls, even higher than in 2008.

The result positions Mrs. Clinton for a sweep of the South in a few days on Super Tuesday and puts the burden on Mr. Sanders to post decisive victories elsewhere. If he does not — and the polls, at least so far, are not encouraging — Mrs. Clinton seems likely to amass a significant and possibly irreversible lead.

Sanders didn’t have to win, but he had to avoid getting curb-stomped. He didn’t. It’s all but over. And come Super Trumpsday, the Republican race should be over too.

I do wonder what blacks have against Sanders. I genuinely have no idea.