Twitter takes out McCain

The thought police at Twitter are ramping up their activity:

Robert Stacy McCain is an American success story. He has built a nationwide, dare I say worldwide following presenting his viewpoint and highlighting the public viewpoints of others who would rather keep their actual words and opinions under the radar because Robert Stacy McCain is loyal to his family, his God, his friends and the Truth.

I know this because I’m proud to say he is my friend. I’ve learned an awful lot from him the most important thing being there is no substitute for actually being there, gathering factual evidence, seeing for yourself and reporting the truth.

I guess that’s why Twitter’s new Star Chamber has decided to Suspend him sometime yesterday evening:

    I’m Robert Stacy McCain. I’ve been a journalist since 1986. My account @rsmccain was suspended tonight. #FreeStacy #tcot @ToniMZ81

    — Sex Trouble (@SexTroubleBook) February 20, 2016

    “@citznsoldier: This account suspension stuff is getting stupid. @twitter @rsmccain” Very stupid

    — headnev (@headnev) February 20, 2016

Ironically this caused the hashtag #freestacy to trend on twitter overnight until it suddenly no longer was able to autocomplete

    The hashtag associated with McCain’s suspension (#FreeStacy) was actually allowed to trend, at one point, but as Mike Cernovich points out, now it won’t even autocomplete. That’s one of the tools Twitter has been using to slow down hashtags, as of late. GamerGate no longer autocompletes, either, even though several anti-GG hashtags do.

    #FreeStacy is trending. @instapundit

    — Mike Cernovich (@Cernovich) February 20, 2016

Now in fairness Twitter is a private company and they do have the right to run their business as they see fit.

But I submit and suggest to twitter & their investors that the way to success is not to alienate half of your potential customer base particularly in an election year, furthermore as anyone who knows anything about tech can tell you today’s popular site can become tomorrow’s AOL & Compuserve in a heartbeat.

Glenn Reynolds is not the only one losing patience with Twitter.