Trump drives the narrative

A conversation about the way Donald Trump is forcing the cuckservatives at National Review and elsewhere to confront their failures.

AN: “I never thought I’d see the day. NRO is actually admitting that the Iraq war by Dubya was a mistake. Trump nailed it again, no wonder they hate him so much.”

VD: Exactly.

AN: He’s now driving the narrative, what a huge shift.

VD: That’s all it took. Instead we had to listen to those pussies telling us surrender was inevitable for 20 years.

AN: They really are cowardly, that’s what Trump has exposed and I still get a chuckle out of Bill Kristol being mad that there aren’t any strong leaders amongst the cucks to face him. Dude, they are cucks for a reason.

VD: Exactly. If they were strong leaders, they wouldn’t be cuckservatives in the first place.