Bulgaria defends its border

It’s about time Europe started defending its borders. Think about how many lives would have been saved if the Greek and Italian navies had simply sunk the first 20 boats that attempted to cross the Mediterranean:

An Afghan man was killed after police officers fired warning shots during scuffles on the border with Turkey, when a bullet is said to have ricocheted, the Guardian reports.

The man was shot trying to cross into Bulgaria from Turkey late on Thursday and died on his way to hospital, the interior ministry has said.

“A big group of illegal migrants attempted to enter Bulgaria from Turkey. One man suffered a gunshot wound in the incident and died on the way to hospital,” an interior ministry spokeswoman told AFP.

The incident happened near the south-eastern Bulgarian town of Sredets on Thursday evening, she said, adding that the dead man was from Afghanistan.

If the migrants are not sent back soon, many more of them are going to die this summer. The EU is cracking apart and Europe’s sympathy is entirely tapped out.